about us

Athanor Coffee Roasting is a coffee roasting company designed to give you the freedom of having your own personalized coffee. We offer our partners access to beautifully roasted specialty coffees in unmarked bags. Our roast masters work personally with each of our partners to source the exact right coffee, roast it with absolute precision, and deliver it freshly roasted in an unmarked bag. Our craft is in sourcing and roasting excellent coffee, learned through years of toiling away in our laboratory, experimenting with different roast profiles and literally thousands of batches of roasted coffee. We value the art of roasting coffee. 

One of the most beautiful things about coffee is how highly expressive each and every individual coffee is. Each coffee has a life of its own, with a desire to be expressed. We roast all of our coffees in a manner which we feel best articulates the expression of the coffee, through sight, sound, and smell. Our roasters approach the roasting process as both artists and scientist, measuring moments throughout the roast with the sensory indicators such as the coloration of the beans, the sound the beans make, and the different aromas released by the roasting. It is this process that keeps Athanor truly a craft roasting service.